Active Directory Privileged Access Auditor

Gold Finger for Active Directory

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The Microsoft-endorsed Gold Finger for Active Directory is the world's only cyber security solution that completely automates the accurate determination of effective access and source-determination, domain-wide or OU-wide, on thousands of Active Directory objects, in a single assessment, at the touch of a button.

It can accurately, instantly and uniquely identify exactly who can enact which administrative tasks, where and how, domain-wide in Microsoft Active Directory.


In addition to our flagship Active Directory Privileged Access Auditor, the Gold Finger suite also includes eight fully-automated unique Active Directory Audit Tools including the Active Directory Security Auditor, the Active Directory Membership Auditor, the Active Directory Token-size Calculator, the Active Directory ACL Analyzer, the Active Directory ACL Exporter, the Active Directory Permissions Analyzer, the Active Directory Effective Permissions Calculator and the Active Directory Effective Access Auditor.   

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