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The need to know exactly who has what privileged access in Active Directory is paramount to organizational cyber security today.

Sanjay Tandon, Chairman and CEO, PARAMOUNT DEFENSES
Gold Finger Mini - Active Directory Privileged Access Audit Tool

Gold Finger Mini

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Gold Finger for Active Directory

The World's Most Capable and Trustworthy Suite of Access Assessment Tools for Microsoft Active Directory

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We are very pleased to see Paramount Defenses, a valued Microsoft Partner, offer an innovative security solution (in Gold Finger) that helps enhance security and compliance in Active Directory environments."

Charles Coates, Senior Product Manager, Identity and Security Business Group, MICROSOFT

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When you buy a Paramount Defenses solution, you can be rest assured that you're buying the world's most trustworthy cyber security solutions.

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We use the Gold Finger from Paramount Defenses to fulfill our Active Directory Audit needs. It saves us a lot of time and effort and we would recommend it to anyone who needs to perform Active Directory audits trustworthily and cost-effectively. Great product, great support.

Sean Seeliger, Architect, IBM